9 August 2013

Online Miniature Show - 14th - 20th August 2013

If you fancy visiting a dolls house fair from the comfort of your living room then this is the fair for you!

Shelly Norris has been running these online fairs, twice a year for a few years now and I've been taking part for the last couple of years.

Each Artisan has a table which is a page where they can display their products with only hand crafted or embellished miniatures allowed.

Shelly has improved the site at each fair so it's now a lot easier to find the tables you want.  There will be a show pamphlet available with a list of all the artisan's tables and a short description of what they sell.

There have been some problems in the past with specific Artisans being difficult to find but this has been acted upon and tables will be listed by scale to make it easier for you to find the products of most interest to you.

There will be Artisans from all over the world and all will be high quality pieces so it's well worth a look.

The show is open from the 14th - 20th August.

A Mini Miniature Show

Hope to see you there!


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