30 October 2011

New sizes, colours and a tile calculator!

Over the last couple of days I have updated the JS Miniatures website with a few new colours, sizes and a tile calculator so you can now work out exactly how many tiles you need for your dolls house room.

To try out the calculator click on the button opposite.
New colours include powder blue, green and stone and you can now chose from 1/2" tiles, 3/4" tiles and 1" square tiles.  Tiles

For the perfect finish for your tiles why not buy our white tile grout which is a very high quality grout which gives a very smooth finish, perfect for miniature tiles.

It is very easy to use.  After laying your tiles at 1mm spacings with white PVA adhesive, put a small quantity of the grouting powder into a small container and mix up with a few drops of water, gradually adding drops of water until you get a smooth, thick paste.  Add water with a pipette or similar as you can easily add too much.  A little grout goes quite a long way.
Then, spread the grout over the spaces with a plastic palette knife or coffee stirrer and push down into the gaps.  Do a small area at a time and wipe off immediately with a damp sponge.  Leave to dry for a few hours and then polish up the tiles with a cloth.

25 October 2011

Tiles - More new colours

I have added more colours to my expanding range. You can now chose from the classic look of black & white or go for a very Victorian red & black.

I will be adding new sizes in the next few days including 1" & 3/4" and I also now have grout available which will also be added to the site shortly.

New colours are available here

11 October 2011

Tile range - New colours

I have added new colours to my range of tiles. Along with the existing faux marble tiles I now have added some ceramic style tiles in clean, modern colours.

Dark blue, white and speckled black are available either as single colours or as mixed packs.  You can either chose from the standard pack sizes of 25, 50 or 100 tiles or I welcome custom orders, just drop me an e-mail.  I'll also work out what you need if you're not sure.

I can also cut them to other sizes - just let me know what you need.

Tiles are available here

They can either be laid flush as in the photo or you can leave a 1mm gap between the tiles and grout to give a very realistic finish as shown below.