28 August 2013

I need YOU......

....to give me your feedback!

Last week I mentioned starting up some online workshops to teach you how to use LEDs for your dolls house projects or other model projects.

The first workshops will cover aspects of lighting a dolls house such as a "Beginners guide to LEDs" and making a table or floor lamp.  These have been very popular workshops when I've done them live.

I've had 1 reply so far to my questions but I really need a few more so I can tailor the workshops to what you really want!

It'll only take 5 mins... honest :)

  1. Would you prefer step by step instructions in PDF form, a video demonstration or both?
  2. Would you like a set time to complete the task or to do it at your own leisure? 
  3. Would you like to chat with me to ask questions and get feedback?
  4. If I set up a closed Facebook group to enable you to ask questions and show your finished items would this be of interest?
  5. Or would you prefer a Yahoo group? 
  6. Are there any topics you would specifically like covered in a future workshop?
  7. Any other comments?
To provide your feedback please E-mail me or leave your comments below.

jsminiatures[at]gmail.com (please replace [at] with @)



  1. 1. Both
    2. leisure
    3. yes
    4. yes
    5. no
    6. will let you know after the 1st one

  2. 1: Both
    2: Leisure
    3: Yes
    4: yes
    5: no
    6: Not sure yet
    7: I already have questions on making lamps with LEDs

    1. Thanks Mad for Mod, that's great. I'm planning to set these up quite quickly, once I get a few replies to get a flavour of the preferred formats :)