3 January 2012

Online Workshops in 2012

Firstly, may I wish all my followers a Happy New Year and hope that you all have a great 2012!

I am running 3 online workshops this year through the Minis4All group.

For anyone who hasn't come across this group it's a mix of both professional miniaturists and dolls house enthusiasts who share ideas through the Yahoo Group pages and also the Minis4All website.

It's free to join the group and was set up by Hazel Dowd of Little People who formed the group 12 years ago when she was looking to share ideas with like minded people.   It's a nice, very friendly community and it's worth joining even if you don't want to take part in any of the workshops.

There is at least 1 workshop every month this year and sometimes even 2 workshops to chose from.  There are some great kits to make from a lovely 1/24th scale Labourer's Cottage by Herdwick Landscapes to a selection of bags by Joan Wareing this month.  Jane Harrop is also doing a workshop in June.  There's something to suit all tastes and budgets.

For my workshops you have the opportunity to make a Victorian Fireplace in February, a Georgian fireplace in May or my room box in August.

It's very simple to take part.  Join the Yahoo group and then choose and pay for your workshop through either Hazel or the workshop organiser.  When it's time for the workshop to take place the organiser will send out the appropriate kits in the post and you will be invited to join the workshop forum where detailed photographs and instructions will be provided to help you make the kit.  The organiser will also be available throughout the month to answer any questions you have, if you should need any help.

I took part in one in December and it's great fun.  Post your pictures of your completed kit and have fun making it.

I hope some of you might sign up for some of the workshops and perhaps you'll even choose to do one of mine!