8 March 2011

How can we improve our fireplaces? - New poll

How can we improve our fireplaces?  That's the new question of the poll we are curently running on our website. 

After the sucess of our first poll we would love to receive your feedback.  We are currently developing a Victorian fireplace but your feedback will help influence what we work on next so your votes do count!

To vote click here

6 March 2011

What dolls house are you currently making? - Results!

The results are now in!  Thank you to everyone who took part.

For those of you who have visited our site over the last few months you may have voted in our poll asking "What dolls house are you currently making?"

It has not been in vain - the information gathered has given us an insight into which periods of dolls houses are the most popular with you and we are now hard at work developing new fireplaces for the most popular periods.