18 October 2013

A busy week

This week has flown by.  I suddenly realised this morning that it was Friday and I had a blog post to write.  At that point I had a bit of a panic.  What have I got to tell you about?  It's been one of those weeks where there's been lots going on but not necessarily things that you would find interesting.

So, I had a look at my blog list and discovered that an exciting publication is out.  A while back I blogged about providing LED lights for Orsi Skulteti for her recreation of 221b Baker Street from the Sherlock BBC TV series.  (Using LED Lights in a kitchen)  A while ago she contacted me to tell me she had been asked to write asn article about the making of her kitchen for the Spanish magazine "Miniaturas" and she asked if it would be ok to specify me as a supplier.  I quickly agreed.

According to her blog the magazine has now been published so if anyone gets the magazine you can look out for the article.
This is her blog post: Orsis Minis - Miniaturas article

Miniaturas Magazine
Miniaturas Magazine

Other than that I've been busy with orders and I have been preparing the sleighs and reindeer for Kirsten Miller or Quernus Crafts.

It looks like a small army!  Here they all are, glued up ready for painting.  The first coats of paint are on so I'm hoping to have these finished soon.

Reindeer & Sleighs for Quernus Crafts
Reindeer & Sleighs for Quernus Crafts

I am planning to have these available for sale and also as a workshop at the brand new Wonders In Miniature online fair in November.

The fair will run from the 8th - 11th November and is all about holidays from around the world.

Keep a look out for updates soon!


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