12 November 2012

Christmas already???

Hi everyone,

I realise it's been ages since I updated my blog.  Time seems to pass so quickly.  One minute I'm wondering what happened to summer in the UK and the next thing I know it's November, the clocks have gone back and the shops are full of christmas products!

I have been busy behind the scenes and I have a new product I've been working on that is almost finished. A little hint is that it's something to do with a jam jar.  Anyone want to take a guess?

I have also got a few christmas products available in my Etsy shop.  I realise I might be a bit slow getting my act together here but I'm sure that's a common problem.  Who wants to think about Christmas when you feel cheated out of summer?!

I have designed three 3D Christmas products - Rudolph the reindeer, Santa's Sleigh and a christmas tree.  They're designed to be both ornaments and 1/12th scale miniatures for a Christmas scene.

They are laser cut from 3mm laser ply and slot easily together.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Santa's Sleigh

Christmas Tree

I have also been asked to supply tiny battery powered chip LEDs by members of the Minis4All online group and these will also be on my website soon.  These are currently available from Evan's Designs in the USA but by the time you pay for customs charges and import duty it gets pretty expensive so I now have a supply in the UK, and can supply most of what is available in their shop.  If you are interested then please contact me as I have these in stock.

These tiny chip LEDs are perfect for 1/144th scale or 1/48th scale houses and are often used in model train layouts and model cars.  I also have bigger LEDs suitable for 1/24 & 1/12th scale projects. All come pre-wired ready for installation.

At just 3mm long they can fit in tiny spaces but give out a surprising amount of light for their size.

I will be doing an online workshop on using LEDs and there will be a choice of projects to try through Minis4All  so if anyone is interested please let me know.  I would be happy to offer it through my website too.

LEDs are really easy to use and the ability to power up to 10 LEDs off 1 coin cell battery makes them a great way to light your dolls house, room box or mini scene.  If you admire the work of Peter Tucker and want to have a go at recreating some of his lights and effects then this is the ideal opportunity!

Learn how they work, what they can be used for and choose a project(s) to try.  Possible projects depending on interest include:

Lighting a 1/144th or 1/48th scale house
Flickering fire effect
Table lamp
Ceiling spotlights
Strip lights for general dolls house lighting effects

I will be posting more information soon but if you are interested or would like a specific project then please don't hesitate to leave a comment or contact me as I'd love to know what you would like.

I will also be offering a christmas giveaway so keep a look out if you would like to participate.

Best wishes,


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