14 July 2012

Clay Tiles - reduced prices!!

I have been working on lots of things recently but one of them has been to reduce the production costs of my individual clay tiles.  I always try to keep costs as low as possible while still producing a very high quality product.  Everything is handmade by me, packaged up and taken to the post office so it's a very personal service.

I have found a much quicker method for making the clay tiles and so I've been able to reduce the prices quite significantly.

If you were thinking of buying some but you were put off by the price, then go and check them out here.  On most of the packs the saving is at least 50%!

I can make them up in lots of colours and in 1/4" or 1/2" but I currently have 700 1/4" black tiles :)

They are perfect for floors, bathroom or wall tiles, splash backs, fireplaces, even as coasters!  I'm sure you can come up with even more uses.

If you're not sure how many tiles you need I have a nifty calculator that works it out for you.  Just put in the size of the area in inches, chose the size of tiles, click on the 'calculate' button and it will tell you how many tiles you need and how many packs that is.  Tile Calculator

If you really don't fancy laying a floor yourself I can also make it up for you on thin mdf or mountboard  to fit your room.  Please contact me if you are interested and I will work out a cost for you.

Hope everyone is enjoying a glimmer of sunshine this weekend.  It's been easy to stay working in the workshop with all the rain we've had recently!

Tiles at JS Miniatures

Half Inch Terracotta Tiles

Quarter Inch Square Tiles
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