5 June 2012

The Making of a Modern Fireplace

I am a member of the Etsy Miniatures in Dollhouse Scales Team and I recently did a guest post for their blog.  A behind the scenes look at making my modern fireplace.

Modern Fireplace by JS Miniatures

Making anything in miniature can be a time consuming and fiddly process that requires lateral thinking and imagination to replicate an object from the real world.

It all starts with an idea and a design.  It is often an image from the real world that provides the inspiration.  Working out how you can make a miniature version is often not an easy task!

I had an idea for a very contemporary, modern fireplace that would be ideal for modern dolls house families.  It had a relatively simple, clean design for the surround with an eye catching grate as the focal point.

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  1. Nice post. It's always inspiring to learn how people make things.